About Us

Lasting Impressions Unlimited has been creating granite memorial plaques for many years.  It all started when Cathy’s father passed away. There were so many beautiful flowers and plants that were given as memorials along with a few keepsakes.  All of the memorials were greatly appreciated, but you only have so much room for plants and flowers (even though they don’t last very long), but the keepsakes are still on display. From there, Pat, having a laser engraver, decided to created a granite memorial plaque and market them as a keepsake that could be given alone or included in a floral arrangement or in a plant.

We have expanded our memorial options in recent years, adding a plaque with a full color picture on a metal plate and offering an option of adding a photo sleeves for a picture to both the full color plaques and the engraved granite plaques.

LIU is proud to be a South Dakota company located in the beautiful Black Hills. Customer satisfaction with on time delivery is very important to us. Please contact us if you are interested in a “custom order”, we would be happy to work with you, to create your timeless keepsake.

Pat and Cathy Mack

Granite & Metal Memorial Plaques